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We are regularly addressed with requests to give our guests special treatment, take into account nuances, connected with small children and elderly people, as well as requests to congratulate our guests on their Birthday or anniversary.

In order to make your stay more comfortable, Novostar Hotels accommodation department accepts comments to online bookings. You can only leave 2 comments. We draw your attention to the fact, that the desired algorithm of informing the hotel about any requests is still by means of leaving the necessary comment with the tour operator at the moment of executing the booking.

An important highlight: Novostar Hotels booking department only processes those accommodation comments that have been submitted no later than 48 before the guests’ arrival to the hotel. Comments that were submitted after this time (right before the arrival) will remain unprocessed and thus, will not be taken into consideration.

Despite the fact that Novostar Hotels accepts comments about accommodation and has target processing of all the incoming information, the fulfillment of such wishes cannot be guaranteed, since the accommodation deals with the accommodation facilities vacant on the day of the guests’ arrival to the hotel.

No free of charge operation can be guaranteed, and this fact cannot be the basis for complaint. A paid option is the service stated in the accommodation voucher. All the rest are free of charge options, which include providing certain rooms, rooms in the central buildings or bungalows*, choice of rooms based on the availability of a balcony/floor number/distance from the elevator/the quality of sound-proof/cardinal points, etc, adjacent rooms, and adjoining rooms.

*In Novostar Premium Bel Azur hotel Thalassa & Bungalows one can choose the most price comfortable option (a room in the building or in a bungalow)  while purchasing the tour. In this case the hotel will provide you with accommodation according to your booking, since this is a paid and consequently, guaranteed service.

** One can only submit their requests regarding being accommodated in a bungalow in Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3* and Novostar Budget Pyramides Club & Spa 3* hotels, since these are the only hotels where accommodation in bungalows is not listed as a separate room category.