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Tunisian cuisine

Tunisia cuisine is a fusion of Western and Eastern, of Arabic and French, of Asian and European. Apart from some rare cases, now it’s impossible to say which of the numerous dishes was inherited by Tunisia from the Turkish people, which was brought in by the Spanish, and what migrated from France. One thing is undoubtful: Tunisians cook everything which is born on the blessed North African soil and is brought in by the Mediterranean sea with great enthusiasm. 

The recipes are often plain, but they lead to a stunning result. Let’s take artichokes, for instance. It was the French who made artichokes fashionable in Tunisia. To Tunisians’ credit, one must say that all good things quickly become popular here, and Tunisian use this treasury of vitamins with pleasure: they cook artichoke pies, stuff them with meat and vegetables… There is also the housewives favorite recipe, a whip up recipe if you might: one places the artichokes in boiling salty water and adds lemon slices with peel. In a couple of minutes, you can take everything out, sprinkle it with olive oil and enjoy the healthy dish.

 In Tunisia, meal itself occupies an honorable place among the daily chores, as proved by the fact that Tunisians never eat while standing or walking. It is not customary in the majority of families to heat up yesterday’s food, they cook fresh dishes for every meal time.

Restaurants, bistro and cafes are located at every step in Tunisia, without any exaggeration. All in all, getting to know the local cuisine must firmly occupy a place in the list of compulsory Tunisian pleasures!

Tunisian frequenters know that Tunisian chefs always use spices richly, the main of which, harissa, is an exceptionally hot spice with red hot peppers and garlic as its main ingredients. In Novostar hotels the matter of using spices is under special control. Our guests have an opportunity to enjoy both the Mediterranean cuisine and the national cuisine in an adapted format.