novostar hotels

The Conception of Novostar Hotels

We would like to present several fundamental points that will assist you in understanding what Novostar Hotels are.


Openness is the principal position of our chain. Therefore, Novostar has the most detailed information about each hotel on our website. It is a unique variety of textual, photographic and video content. New pictures from each hotel are being uploaded in our Instagram profile on a daily basis. Around 150 original videos are presented on our YouTube channel. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, thus the production studio of Novostar Hotels tends to operate all year-round: we do our best at not only to inform but also to show.


One of the competitive advantages and main differences of our hotels – is the possibility to directly interact with representatives of the chain through the official website and social media pages. We respond and react daily. The communication is conducted using the guest’s language. In addition, within the social pages of our chain, you might be even able to meet or even address your questions to the guests, who already stayed or are currently staying in one of our hotels: that is how you would acquire first-hand information – from the consumer himself.



The majority of guests tend to point out a special, spiritual atmosphere within our hotels. We do take our approach in formatting the team with special care and awareness, people do not randomly embark on this journey, solely those who possess professional skills, as well as passion and dedication for work is a major factor that unites us all.

The Adapted cuisine

Regular guests of this country are aware of Tunisian chefs and cooks’ tendency to use a vast amount of spices, the often used of which is harissa – a uniquely piquant spice, the main ingredients of which are red hot peppers and garlic. For our guests, such spiciness is exotic, and appears to be not suitable for everyone, especially for an everyday consumption. Therefore, in all Novostar Hotels, the usage of spices is under rigid surveillance, our guests are free to taste not only the Mediterranean cuisine, but also the traditional Tunisian, yet within an adapted format.

Children’s exclusive buffet-style table

7 out of 8 of our hotels do have an exclusive children’s buffet and dining area. It is not just a matter of variety of food choices for younger guests, as our primary aim is to establish a communicative environment, since live conversations during meal intake is a crucial part of the socializing process. Within the children’s dining area, kids’ animators provide assistance in choosing a dish; keep a company and even an eye on the youngsters, so that they would finish their meal.

Self-Service laundry

The matter of washing clothes during abroad holiday, especially if it’s prolonged or with children – has always been relevant. Travelers usually have to choose: either to over pack, in order to avoid the shortage of clean clothings, or too often wash clothes in the room. Novostar suggests a solution – 6 of our hotels out of 8 offer a free self-service laundry room, which is equipped with washing and drying machines, as well as ironing boards and irons.

Unique animation program

The majority of our guests are experienced travelers. As we respect our guests, we reckon that thinking out of the box is fundamental, hence we managed to establish a new animation program, rather than following the standardized that is being performed in most hotels. Thus, acquiring a new experience comes along. Besides, we do host a Mafia player’s club; children’s, family and adult quests, guests’ favorites are: pizza and cocktail quest; culinary workshops for different age groups; sports events in the format of competitions between hotels – triathlon, football championship of the Novostar Cup, etc.


An individual approach is a common promise. In fact, we do believe that each guest is indeed unique and has different habits, especially related to health factors and other circumstances. Taking into consideration that holidaymakers are in an unfamiliar country, only we can assist them with accomplishing their wishes, and we do so.

Our hotels have clear standards – norms and rules for the provision of services, although if necessary we find the possibility of going beyond the borders of accepted standards.

Loyalty program

For the past years the chain of Novostar hotels acquired not only regular guests, but also loyal friends. We never ceased to express our gratitude for choosing us, we extremely cherish every guest who repeatedly trusts us regarding their holidays, that is why we have established a Loyalty Program named “Novostar League”. Making your stay more convenient and pleasant is amongst the benefits of becoming the member of this program. The status of regular guests is assigned to the client starting from their third stay at any hotel of this chain. Starting from every other visit to the hotel, a complementary present to the guest is being offered by the hotel.