Please, familiarize yourselves with the answers to the most frequently asked questions; this will help you avoid some unforeseen situations and will provide you with the relevant information.

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Please, familiarize yourselves with the regulations active in all Tunisian hotels, thus relevant for the Novostar Hotels as well:

Beach bar, bars and restaurants with seating in open terraces, and water slides in Tunisian hotels are guaranteed to be operational from the 1st of June to the 30th of September, since their efficient functioning depends on weather conditions.

Under favorable conditions, should weather allow it, the service can be launched earlier, and terminated after the abovementioned terms. Usually, this is exactly what happens, however, the hotels naturally can’t guarantee this.

Certain services in the hotels start in sequence, one after the other: for example, the covered swimming pool stops its work, but the aquapark opens. And while shifting to winter work regime, the sequence is the opposite: the aquapark stops its work, but the covered swimming pool is now open.

Tunisia only has sandy beaches, and the further to the South the beach is, the more silky the sand becomes. Another advantage of Tunisia beaches is a smooth and comfortable access into the sea. On the one hand, the coast has enough space with shallow water where children can frolic. On the other hand one won’t have to walk for a considerable amount of time to reach the desired depth and swim to their heart’s content.

Starting from the middle of July and till the middle of August, one can run into a jelly fish in the water.  The place of jelly fish clusters depends on the direction of underwater currents, however, in Tunisia there are traditionally very few of them, in Nabeul and Hammamet, and more of them in Sousse, Monastir and Mahdia.

The danger of encountering a jelly fish is greatly exaggerated. The jelly fish sting can be compared to being hit with nettle in terms of sensation. If one immediately takes some wet sand and actively rubs it against the place of the sting, the reddening of skin will be avoided. The alternative method is to richly wash the place of the sting with running water and then rub the skin with half of a tomato. Tomato juice will neutralize the burn and relieve the unpleasant sensations.

However, the most correct way of protection from jelly fish sting is precaution. During the period of jelly fish appearance, you will easily find Médusyl cream in Tunisian pharmacies. The purchase if this cream will be a nice bargain, since this cream has two effects:

  • It protects the skin from jelly fish burns (active within 80 minutes since application);
  • At protects from sunburns (there are two options – SPF15, SPF 30).

To be completely honest, even Medusyl won’t provide you with 100% protection from the jelly fish sting. But the painful sensations and skin reddening will be much less with this cream, than without it.

In the first place, this precaution is relevant for children, who traditionally have low tolerance and start experiencing pain even after minimum impact.

Novostar hotels does not provide such a paid option as early check in in their hotels. This service is provided for free under the following conditions:

  1. The hotel must have vacant rooms available
  2. The hotel must have vacant room of the necessary category
  3. The vacant rooms of the necessary category must be ready

Should all three conditions be satisfied, Novostar Hotels will provide the service of early check in for free.

There is no need to place any official payment, like it was said before, the hotel doesn’t have a price for early check in. There is no need to provide additional financial motivation to the reception personnel. If the hotel has such an opportunity, the room will be provided for free, despite any “motivation”. Friends, do not provoke the Novostar personnel to commit unlawful activities, for which the staff could lose their job.

In a bit more detail. Let’s have a look at possible nuances:

“The hotel must have vacant room in the necessary category” – what does that mean? It means that if you are waiting for check in to the room of Standard category, and the hotel only has Sea View and Family rooms available, the hotel will not provide the early check in service.

“The vacant rooms of the necessary category must be ready” – what does that mean? At the time of your arrival to the hotel, there might as well be vacant rooms of the necessary category available, but these rooms will only be provided if ready (cleaned). If the check out of the room happened at nighttime and the room is not ready, the hotel will not provide early check in. Novostar hotels, just like the rest of Tunisian hotels, doesn’t have a maid night shift, who would be able to deal with getting rooms ready 24/7.

In such a case when there is a 20-room early arrival to the hotel which only has 15 rooms of necessary category ready, what are the actions of the hotel? First of all, the hotel will accommodate the families with babies and small children, then elderly tourists and tourists with special needs, then families with teenagers and so on. Some of the guests will have to wait till the official check in time, i.e. 15:00.

In order to have a guaranteed accommodation right after the arrival in case of an early flight, one has to book the hotel for the day preceding the arrival.

The hotels do not have to provide late snacks, unless its an Ultra All hotel. Hotels are not responsible for tour operators’ charter program: schedule, delays, transfers, etc. This rule applies both to the day of the arrival and the day of the departure. Your room and meal according to your program will wait for you from 3p.m. of the first paid day. On the day of the departure, all the services stop working at 12 p.m. (at noon),

Novostar Hotels provide their guests with the following bonuses:

  1. All Inclusive bracelets are put on guests right at the moment of their arrival to the hotel, no matter if either the early check in service has been provided to them or the tourists have to wait for the official accommodation at the established time of 3p.m.
  2. We provide you with the service of an early check in free of charge but only if the hotel has vacant and ready/cleaned rooms
  3. We leave the All inclusive bracelets on our guests right up to the time of departure, even if there was a late check out, i.e. after noon.
  4. In case of big late (but not nighttime) arrivals, the hotels usually extend the main restaurant working hours in order to feed the guests, or provides them with snacks either in lobby bars or their rooms. This is a right, but not a responsibility of the hotel. Such service is only provided for big arrivals, when a big group of guests arrives simultaneously. A lack of such service can not be considered a basis for a complaint.
  5. In the rooms of some of our hotels, guests will find a Tea Set (an electric kettle, coffee, tea and sugar in bags), a greeting sweet mini-set as well as water in bottles. Not all hotels in the network provide this service, so carefully study the description of every hotel in the network.


If you are worried the flight will be delayed and there are children flying with you, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, we suggest you take some customary non-spoilable snacks which can deal with your hunger upon arrival.

The possibility of extending the room stay must be clarified with the reception personnel early in the morning on the day of your departure. If there are vacant rooms available and the hotel confirms such a service, the room stay is extended till 18:00. Novostar Hotels can not guarantee the extension of that same room the guests occupy at the moment, since it could have already been distributed for the new guests’ accommodation. In  this case the hotel will provide a different room.

One can only guarantee room extension through calling their tour operator, and booking and paying for the extra day beforehand.

In Tunisia all the hotels of old construction traditionally don’t have big rooms. Partly this is due to the French Protectorate heritage, since French luxury is only a thing for films and advertisements, in fact the French are more than rational and space is the first thing they try to save up on. Even if the old hotels later undergo complete renovation, but without room re-planning, the size of rooms will still remain rather small.

The accommodation facilities have a certain footage and set, based on which every hotel determines a norm of accommodation that will correspond with the official norm, regulating the life of hotels in the Republic of Tunisia. The maximum one room capacity in Novostar hotels is 4 people. Some Novostar hotel can only accommodate three people per room.

Spacious as well as multi-room accommodation facilities for big families and groups of friends are a very rare thing for Tunisia.

As all rule, Tunisian hotels either don’t have such room or their amount is miniscule – 2-3% of the total accommodation facilities of the hotel. Novostar Hotels only has one hotel (Novostar Budget Pyramides Club & Spa 3*) which provides two and even three-room accommodations for the comfortable stay for 6 people, and the amount of such rooms is unprecedently big: there are 60 of such rooms in the hotel. All the other Novostar hotels can only fit 4 people in one room each having their individual place for sleep.

Having listened to numerous requests from families with three children, one of who is a baby, starting from 2017 Novostar can book a child under 2 in all of the hotels and all of the rooms types over the maximum room capacity, but only under the condition, that the baby is accommodated without a crib, i.e. without an individual place for sleep. The condition is determined by lack of ability to install an extra crib in the room on the account of room size. In case when the size of the room provided by the hotel allows such installation, it will be installed free of charge, but on the condition of free cribs being available in the hotel.

Children under 2 years of age, who are accommodated in the room within the maximum room capacity have to right to have a crib installed without any extra conditions. In Novostar hotels this is guaranteed and free service.

Let’s have a look at this example. The maximum room capacity in Novostar Premium Bel Azur hotel is three people. The hotel will confirm the accommodation of two adults and one child under 2 (or one adult + one child from 2 to 12 + one child under 2), and the baby will be provided with a crib by default. The hotel will also confirm the accommodation of 3 adults with one child under 2 (or 2 adults + 1 child from 2 to 12 + one baby), but in this case the baby is accommodated without a crib and sleeps with their parents.

Warning! Tour operator and hotel are two different structures. In case when the tour operator website does not allow to book such accommodation (child under 2 over the maximum room capacity), please address the tour operator, not Novostar Hotels.

Any commentary about your accommodation should be left by the tour operator at the time of booking, this is the desired algorithm. You can also use the online form on our website.

An important highlight: Novostar Hotels booking service only processes the accommodation comment if they were submitted earlier than 48 hours before the arrival to the hotel. The comments that were submitted after that (right before the arrival) will most likely be left unattended, and consequently, not taken into account. Such a situation is tied to the high hotel occupancy, which determines the ability to work with the comments, that were submitted at the last moment.

Despite the fact that Novostar Hotels accepts comments about accommodation and has target processing of all the incoming information, the fulfillment of such wishes can not be guaranteed, since the accommodation deals with the accommodation facilities vacant on the day of the guests’ arrival to the hotel. In case when the hotel does not satisfy the comment which was submitted timely through the abovementioned means of communication, on the day of the arrival the Russian speaking hotel personnel will keep the comment on the list of expectations, monitoring daily for the opportunity to satisfy it.

No free of charge operation can be guaranteed, and this fact can not be the basis for complaint. A paid option is the service stated in the accommodation voucher. All the rest are free of charge options, which include providing certain rooms, rooms in the central buildings or bungalows*, choice of rooms based on the availability of a balcony/floor number/distance from the elevator/the quality of sound-proof/cardinal points, etc, adjacent rooms, and adjoining rooms.

*In Novostar Premium Bel Azur hotel Thalassa & Bungalows one can choose the most price comfortable option (a room in the building or in a bungalow)  while purchasing the tour. In this case the hotel will provide you with accommodation according to your booking, since this is a paid and consequently, guaranteed service.

The Novostar Hotels network only allows accommodation with pets in two of their hotels – Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4* and Novostar Premium Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*.

The rules of staying with pets are the following:

  • It is allowed to stay with pets (cats and dogs) under 5 kg of weight;
  • Staying with pets requires providing medical certificates (the passport and the vaccination certificate);
  • Before booking the hotel, the pet owner must inform the tour operator/travel agent about their intention to stay with their pet; the tour operator will in its turn have to receive the confirmation from the hotel, and also inform the air carrier;
  • The hotel complex keeps the right to determine a certain room compatible with staying with pets on an individual basis.

Pet owner’s responsibility:

  • Guests must have special carriers and mats for their pets as well as all the necessary equipment for pet care
  • Walking the pet on playgrounds or near them, and in any public locations such as the beach, bar and restaurant terraces is strictly prohibited;
  • Pet owner swears to follow the established rules of cleanness and order in the hotel and clear the lawn of cats and dogs biowaste;
  • Guests need to make sure that their pet is absent from the room during cleaning or other work conducted by the hotel personnel;
  • Guests should immediately inform the hotel management in case the pet left the room unattended;
  • Pet owner takes full responsibility for taking care for the animal during their stay;
  • Any destruction of property in the room and in the hotel in general will lead to fines paid by the owner as established by the hotel management;
  • The hotel only allows one pet to stay in the room

Restrictions imposed by the management:

  • Pets are not allowed to enter Thalassa centers, mini-clubs or children playgrounds, as well as other public locations, both indoors and outdoors, like the hall of the hotel, bars, restaurants including open terraces, and the beach;
  • Bathing pets in the swimming pools or in the sea, particularly the part which belongs to the hotel, is not allowed;
  • Pet owners are not allowed to use towels and linen on their pet;
  • Using the tableware which belongs to the hotel to feed the pets is strictly prohibited.

The management keeps the right to deny the guests the right to stay in the hotel with pets under the following conditions:

  • Violating the rules of stay
  • Violent, unstable behavior of the pet

According to Novostar standards, all spaces dealing with guests’ dining organization (including but not limited to, bars, snack-stations, restaurant hall, kitchen, staff rooms, food storage, refrigerators),  run with strict accordance to sanitary regulations. All these facilities regularly undergo treatments with anti insect products, as well as a precautionary one. During the season of certain insect activity these measures are tightened. The necessity to conduct extra treatments is determined by the current state of affairs in the hotel, and not by the standard planned schedule.

To eliminate the unnecessary insects from the hotel (from the kitchen and the restaurant hall) insecticide lamps are installed, together with mosquito nets on the windows. Novostar hotels regularly conduct extermination by specialists in order to treat the outdoor hotel territory with cold smoke and to sprinkle it with chemical solutions harmless to humans.

During the season of fly activity, those facilities that deal with the organization of meals are treated with special anti-insect sprays between meal times.

Novostar Hotels  policy regarding tips is the following: gratitude in any form (a souvenir, a gift, money reward) and the sum of this reward is on the discretion of guests themselves. The hotel management strictly opposes any gratitude before the service was provided, since the guest’s expectations may not be met.   

The management of the hotel strictly prohibits any extortion, as well as any action in making the guests pay for a free of charge service, or to pay for the service with a price different from the price list. Unfortunately, despite the announced rules in individual cases the personnel can break them. For such purpose as well, there is English speaking staff in Novostar Hotels, who one can address with a claim/request; one can also find the feedback forms at the reception. We promptly act upon such signals and take the necessary measures, while the claim/report remains anonymous.

All the hotel beaches located in the resort area of Nabeul city have a more or less heterogeneous access to the sea, which is a feature of this geographic location. Novostar Khayam Garden and Novostar Budget Pyramides beaches are no exception. Very often the beaches of these two hotels have a clear, sloping access to the sea with a sandy bottom, but at the same time there are patches in the water which are the upper parts of stone boulders, which are characterized by uneven and slippery surface. The stretch of the comfortable sea entrance zone is 30% of the overall beach length in both of these hotels.

Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* and  Novostar Budget Pyramides 3* hotels have appealed to the local town council with the request to clear out the sea bottom. It’s impossible to extract the boulders out of the water in a non-traumatic way, the only option remaining is underwater explosive jobs by means of stuck-on charges, which is guaranteed to lead to the change in the bottom and coastline relief and will have a negative impact on the ichthyofauna. Taking this into account the hotels were denied by the town council in their request of coordinated clearing of the coast line off stone layers .

In order to increase the beach functionality and to eliminate the problem of the heterogeneous sea access, Novastar came up with a solution which greatly appeals to our guests: after the full completion of low tide, during the period from June to September, we have installed pontoons in Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* and  Novostar Budget Pyramides hotels, which turn beach time into a sports entertainment, since both children and grownups dive excitedly from those pontoons into the sea, the depth allows this. Naturally, the option of going down to the sea by ladder is also present. The guaranteed period of pontoon exploitation is from June to September included.