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Novostar Hotels


The following rules are vital to protect the right of every Novostar Hotels guest for a safe and beautiful rest

Matter of ethics

  • It is not customary to be inside the hotel in a swimming suit, with a naked torso or barefoot, even if the guest enters the hotel building from the side of the swimming pool, and not through the main entrance.
  • In order to go through the hall of the hotel one must always wear some additional clothes over the swimming suit, put on shoes and cover their torso (applies to men).

Matter of safety

  • In order to ensure the safety of guests and to take precautionary measures against getting injuries, all the floor surfaces must be dry.
  • Right after the wet cleaning of the facilities, the hotel staff set out the “Wet floor” stands, which warn the guests to be careful.
  • In order not to create potentially injury-prone situations, all the guests are strictly prohibited to be inside the hotel buildings in wet clothes and barefoot, such as at the reception, in the lobby-bar, and other hotel facilities, i.e. apart from their rooms.
  • Even if the guests are headed to their room, in order to cross the hotel hall, they need to put on shoes and make sure that water is not dripping from their hair and clothes.

Dinner at the restaurant

  • Evening dress-code for gentlemen

Shirts are not compulsory, the main rule is covered-up shoulders: men can attend in t-shirts, but not in tank-tops. Trousers are not compulsory, men can wear shorts, which are not too short, not for swimming and for sports. If you are wearing a prolonged version of smart casual shorts – you are welcome in the restaurant!

  • Evening dress-code for fair ladies

Any neat everyday clothes are allowed. Besides, ladies in dresses are always a jewel of the evening! These can be cocktail dresses or smart linen dresses, which is absolutely acceptable on the Mediterranean.

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Novostar Hotels


On the guest’s Birthday, Novostar Hotels displays their curtesy by means of presenting the guest with a personalized Birthday card and a small cake with festive decorations at dinner, free of charge. For our young travelers, apart from the sweet surprise, we also take a memorable photo with the animators.

It’s important! Many tour operators only provide the hotels with the age of the tourists, and not the exact date of birth. In this case, Novostar Hotels is unable to learn about the important date without the help of the guest’s relatives and friends, who are staying together with the guest. Please inform the guest relation manager at the Novostar hotels reception about forthcoming birthdays at least 48 hours before the event

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Novostar Hotels


If the guests of the hotel are newlyweds, whose wedding took place not more than two weeks prior to their arrival to Novostar Hotels, please inform us beforehand by submitting the form “Accommodation Comments”.

Upon arrival to the hotel and presenting the gust relation or reception staff member the original copy of your marriage certificate, Novostar Hotels will have a pleasant compliment delivered to your room in order to create the atmosphere of celebration from the very first minutes!

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Novostar Hotels

Novostar Mini-club attendance rules

  • All hotel residents without exception must be respectful towards the rights of children and their parents: one must not use inappropriate language, smoke or drink alcohol in the mini-club, at the playground or near these facilities.
  • The mini-club works daily according to the schedule, set by the Novostar Hotels administration.
  • Parents or legal representatives leaving a child in the mini-club, must take them back before the mini-club closing time. In case when, through the fault of the grownups, a child stays at the mini-club after its official open hours, the stay becomes a paid service and is paid by the child’s parents or legal representatives according to the price rate established by the hotel administration. A payment receipt is provided once payment is made.
  • No more than 40 children are allowed to be at the mini-club simultaneously. Children aged 4 to 12 are welcome to the mini-club. Children under 4, as well as children who experience age difficulties with verbal communication, can only stay in the mini-club accompanied by parent or other legal representatives.
  • Parents and legal representatives who leave the child in the mini-club, guarantee that the child doesn’t have allergies or infectious diseases, during which leaving a child unaaccompanied by parents is not desired and even dangerous.
  • In case when the child is admitted to the mini-club by an adult, it is compulsory that parents or legal guardians over 18 fill in the club attendance ledger: date, time of admittance, child’s full name and age, parent’s or legal guardian’s full name, hotel name and room number, active phone number to call to, as well as child’s possible allergies, chronic diseases or medical restrictions, and any other significant information about the child, including their special behavioral features, that the hotel staff should be aware of while communicating with the child. Filling in the ledger is only conducted at the presence of the mini-club staff member, who has to identify the child and sign for taking the responsibility for the child. Parent’s or legal guardian’s signature in the ledger means that they have read and understood the rules of mini-club attendance.
  • Mini-club staff members have the right to deny attendance to the child with acute forms of allergies and infectious diseases, as well as upset children, who demonstrate aggressive of hysterical behavior.
  • It is prohibited to bring money, valuables, sharp objects and other items that could cause injuries, into the mini-club, as well as any food including fruit, ice-cream, sweets, chocolate, chewing gum and fizzy drinks.
  • The staff of the mini-club is not responsible for any lost or unattended items. All the items that were left in the mini-club will be kept there for 48 hours, and later passed on to the hotel reception.
  • Mini-club staff members are allowed to treat minor scratches and bruises, which can appear in the process of active games.
  • Admitting the child to the mini-club, parents agree to the fact that the life of the mini-club has its own cycle, and staff members work according to the previously established and announced program. Parents and legal guardians of the child must familiarize themselves with the program for the day and be aware of the location, where a certain event of the program is going to take place. These could be: mini-club facility, playground, food workshop location, hotel beach, etc. Leaving the child in the mini-club, parents give their consent that the child participates in all the events on the program, and provide them with headgear for outdoor activities. In case when parents do not support child’s attending a certain event on the schedule, they must take the child back from the mini-club before the start of the event.
  • Children’s game equipment, located on the playground, can only be used by children under 12. For safety purposes, the maximum capacity of the trampoline is 3 children with the overall weight of no more than 90kg.
  • In order to avoid any misunderstanding, only the person who brought the child to the mini-club. Taking the child back, the parent or the legal guardian put time and signature in the ledger, verifying that they don’t have any complaints/claims.

Novostar Hotels

Children’s buffet

Novostar hotels have the following rules:

  • If there are less than 40 children aged 4 to 12 in the hotel, the buffet for children will be present in the buffet for adults;
  • If there are 40 and more children aged 4 to 12 in the hotel, a separate buffet for children* with special menu for children is operating;

The service is available within the first hour after the opening of the restaurant. 

*The availability and conditions of the service can be clarified on the hotel’s page.

Children’s buffet and separate meal zone rules of operation

Novostar hotels have the following rules:

  • Children animator assists our younger guests in the separate meal zone with small tables at lunch time (first hour, from 12:30 to 13:30) and at dinner time (first hour, from 19:00 to 20:00). The animator will help choose a dish, help cut it to pieces, will entertain with a talk and will make sure the child eats a sufficient portion.
  • You can only leave your child with the animator if the child can eat on their own. If the child needs to be fed, we welcome the parents to stay in the zone for children together with the child.
  • We kindly ask you to please take the child to the toilet/bathroom before leaving them with the animator. The animator has no physical opportunity to conduct bathroom trips with every child individually during the meal.
  • We have the goal to create a communicative environment at meal time. Having a meal together and having a live communication are the integral parts of socialization. We kindly ask parents whose children eat in the children’s meal zone, to not use any gadgets (like turning on cartoons) even if you and your child occupy a separate table in the zone. Other kids will naturally get distracted by the working gadget and may become uncontrollable. You can use any gadgets in order to entertain/calm your child in case when your child has the meal together with you in the common area, and not in the zone for children.

Novostar Hotels

Self-service laundry

Welcome to the Novostar Hotels self-service laundry:

  • Only the residents of those hotels, that provide this service, can use the self-service laundry.
  • The self-service laundry works 6 days a week according to the schedule established by the hotel administration.
  • Washing machines, ironing boards and irons are installed in the self-service laundry. Several hotels also have drying machines installed. Using this equipment is free of charge.
  • Be careful and follow the safety regulations.
  • Treat the equipment with care.
  • In case of any malfunctions, you must immediately address the Russian speaking staff member.
  • The hotel administration is not responsible for unattended items should they get lost or ruined.

Washing machine:

  • The hotel does not provide chemical products for washing.

In order to prevent washing machines from breaking, we kindly ask our guests not to use low-quality detergents and conditioners for wash. We recommend using gel-capsules, which contain both the washing and the conditioning products. Ariel capsules are very popular in Tunisia, and can be found both in the hotel shop, and in any store beyond the hotel territory.

Place the capsule at the bottom of the washing machine drum, load your clothes, set the necessary regime and press start. The covering of the capsule will gradually dissolve after its contact with water. When the gel gets in contact with the clothes, it will initiate an efficient and thorough elimination of contaminations. Such capsules deal with the set tasks perfectly even at low temperatures.

  • The minimum washing machine capacity is 2 kg, the maximus capacity is no more than 5 kg.
  • Before loading clothes in the washing machine make sure to check your pockets for any foreign objects.
  • When choosing the washing regime pay attention to the instruction on clothes labels.
  • Take other guests’ needs into consideration and don’t choose long washing regimes.
  • Take other guests’ needs into consideration and don’ forget to take your belonging out of the machine in a timely manner. Should these rules be violated, the hotel administration can take it upon themselves to vacate the washing machine.

Drying machine:

  • The minimum drying machine capacity should be no less than 1 kg, its maximum capacity must be no more than 2,5 kg.
  • Before loading the clothes into the drying machine make sure to check your pockets for any foreign objects.
  • Take other guests’ needs into consideration and don’t choose long drying regimes.
  • Take other guests’ needs into consideration and don’ forget to take your belonging out of the machine in a timely manner. Should these rules be violated, the hotel administration can take it upon themselves to vacate the drying machine.

Irons, ironing boards:

  • It’s strictly prohibited to take the equipment out of the laundry room.
  • Do not forget to unplug the iron from the socket.
  • When using the iron, set the regime indicated on clothes labels.

After using the iron in the steam regime, pour the remaining water out of the liquid reservoir.

Summer outfit. Shorts Sandals hat Safari style

Novostar Hotels

Accommodation with pets

The Novostar Hotels network only allows accommodation with pets in two of their hotels – Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4* and Novostar Premium Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*.

The rules of staying with pets are the following:

  • It is allowed to stay with pets (cats and dogs) under 5 kg of weight;
  • Staying with pets requires providing medical certificates (the passport and the vaccination certificate);
  • Before booking the hotel, the pet owner must inform the tour operator/travel agent about their intention to stay with their pet; the tour operator will in its turn have to receive the confirmation from the hotel, and also inform the air carrier;
  • The hotel complex keeps the right to determine a certain room compatible with staying with pets on an individual basis.

Pet owner’s responsibility:

  • Guests must have special carriers and mats for their pets as well as all the necessary equipment for pet care;
  • Walking the pet on playgrounds or near them, and in any public locations such as the beach, bar and restaurant terraces is strictly prohibited;
  • Pet owner swears to follow the established rules of cleanness and order in the hotel and clear the lawn of cats and dogs biowaste;
  • Guests need to make sure that their pet is absent from the room during cleaning or other work conducted by the hotel personnel;
  • Guests should immediately inform the hotel management in case the pet left the room unattended;
  • Pet owner takes full responsibility for taking care for the animal during their stay;
  • Any destruction of property in the room and in the hotel in general will lead to fines paid by the owner as established by the hotel management;
  • The hotel only allows one pet to stay in the room.

Restrictions imposed by the management:

  • Pets are not allowed to enter Thalassa centers, mini-clubs or children playgrounds, as well as other public locations, both indoors and outdoors, like the hall of the hotel, bars, restaurants including open terraces, and the beach;
  • Bathing pets in the swimming pools or in the sea, particularly the part which belongs to the hotel, is not allowed;
  • Pet owners are not allowed to use towels and linen on their pet;
  • Using the tableware which belongs to the hotel to feed the pets is strictly prohibited.

The management keeps the right to deny the guests the right to stay in the hotel with pets under the following conditions:

  • Violating the rules of stay;
  • Violent, unstable behavior of the pet.