Novostar Budget Pyramides

Club & Spa 3*

Novostar Budget Pyramides

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Novostar Budget Pyramides

Information about the hotel

  • Resort: Nabeul
  • Distance to the airport: Tunis – 65 km, Enfidha – 65 km, Monastir – 125 km
  • Distance to the center of Nabeul: 1 km. Hotel is located near the central part of the city, in a short distance to coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets
  • Date of construction – 1970
  • Last renovation – 2019
  • Total area of the hotel – 7.5 hectares
  • Type of packages: All Inclusive and Half Board (Breakfast and dinner)
  • The hotel has become a member of the Novostar Hotels in January 2019. All reviews dated 2018 and earlier, we strongly recommend to refer to the previous team. At present, the Novostar team has introduced a number of significant changes to the previous concept, quality and service in the hotel

The Novostar Conception

Partially adapted cuisine, a separate buffet for children, creative animation program for children and adults, the possibility to rent a stroller/potty, delicious Tunisian ice-cream available for all guests, limitless – during lunch and dinner time,  special compliments to people, who will celebrate their birthday with us and newlyweds and much, much more.

Novostar Budget Pyramides


  • First coast line
  • An equipped sandy beach
  • Similar as in the hotel Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* – non-uniform entry into the sea: there are areas that are the upper part of stone blocks (surface characteristics – uneven, slippery); there are areas where the entrance to the water is clean, flat, with sandy bottom. In the swimming season/peak season (for the period from June to September inclusive) the hotel sets the pontoon platform
  • The beach bar works from the beginning of June till the end of September and offers either non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks
  • As a part of the All Inclusive Package beach umbrellas and sun beds are free
  • As a part of the Half Board package, beach umbrellas are free, whereas sun beds are ($)
  • Beach Towels are not provided by the hotel
  • Mattresses ($)

In the hotel

  • Number of rooms within the hotel – 375 rooms
  • Rooms are located in the central sector, and in additional sectors as well as bungalow
  • The central sector of the hotel is equipped with an elevator
  • Room categories in the hotel: standard, standard with sea view, two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments with a maximum occupancy of 6 persons per room
  • Rooms were renovated in 2019
  • Standard rooms are designed similarly, with the exception of the type of bathroom it is either shower or a bathtub
  • Guests are accommodated regardless in which sector or even bungalow, it merely depends on the availability of the rooms on their arrival day


  • Reception 24 hours
  • Currency exchange
  • Luggage room
  • Wi-Fi in the hall near the reception, in the lobby bar – free
  • Safe at the reception ($)
  • Dry Cleaning ($)
  • Self-service laundry room: washing machines, ironing boards and irons – free. Any kind of liquids for washing is not provided by the hotel
  • An outstanding SPA center with an excellent hammam ($)
  • 2 tennis courts with rigid surfaces
  • Children’s potty, kettle (on request and with a deposit)
  • Children’s stroller (on request, $)
  • Visit by doctor ($) or usage of medical insurance

Novostar Budget Pyramides

In the rooms

  • Sea view and view on the territory of the hotel
  • A furnished balcony or terrace, or a large panoramic window without a balcony
  • Two essential sleeping beds either two twin beds or one queen bed
  • Plasma TV (Russian channels, remote control on bail)
  • Air conditioning (remote control on bail)
  • Combined rest room, soap individually packed the day of the arrival
  • Type of bathroom – shower or bathtub, hair dryer is not provided
  • Mini fridge (on request, $)
  • Housekeeping service are on daily basis

Novostar Budget Pyramides

The All Inclusive package

Locally produced alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks: 10.00 – 00.00. A limited range of strong alcoholic drinks, according to the formula All inclusive: beer, wine (white, rose, red), gin, Bukha, vodka, Sedratin (strong liqueur) and other liqueurs as well as alcoholic cocktails.

The Half Board Package

Two meals in the main restaurant: breakfast with drinks, dinner without drinks. Beverages are included with breakfast in the main restaurant with the half-board system, at times beverages in the restaurant and bars are not served *
* Beverages are available at an additional cost during the opening hours of bars

Restaurants and bars

  • Main restaurant Le Pacha

   – Breakfast: 06.00 – 09.30
   – Lunch *: 12.00 – 14.00
   – Dinner: 19.00 – 21.00
   – Presence of exclusive children’s dining area and buffet-style table. Ice cream is offered during lunch and dinner time. Coffee and tea is being served not only during breakfast but also during lunch/dinner
* Only for guests residing on All Inclusive basis

  • Snack-bar

   – Daytime snacks: 15.00 – 18.00
* Only for guests residing on All Inclusive basis

  • Bar All Inclusive Le Rendez–Vous

– Beverages *: 10.00 – 00.00
– Bottled water is not offered by the hotel. Drinking water is freely available in the water dispenser at the bar, bottle filling is not allowed
* Only for guests residing on All Inclusive basis

  • Bar near the pool

  – Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks *: 10.00 – 18.00
  – Hookah: 16.00 – 23.00 ($)
* Only for guests residing on All Inclusive basis

  • Bar on the beach (for the period between 15/06 – 30/09)

   – Non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks: 10.00 – 17.00
* Only for guests residing on All Inclusive basis

Novostar Budget Pyramides

Sports and entertainment

  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor pool with a sliding roof (closed for the period between 15/06 – 30/09)
  • Sun umbrellas and sun beds near the pool for free on the systems All Inclusive and Half Board
  • International Animator’s team
  • Daytime and evening animation for children and adults
  • Aerobics, aqua aerobics, volleyball, darts, zumba, table tennis, dance workshops, water polo
  • Tennis: rigid surface (reservation before 24 hours).  According to the All Inclusive system – free of charge, equipment on bail.  According to the Half Board system – tennis and equipment ($)
  • Evening shows, disco for adults 18+ in the indoor disco hall, mini-disco for children

Novostar Budget Pyramides

For children

  • Children’s potty and kettle (on request, with a deposit)
  • Children’s stroller (on request, $)
  • If the hotel has less than 40 children whose age differs between 4 and 12 years old, then the specialized kids menu is present on the buffet-style for adults
  • If the hotel has 40 or more children aged between 4 and 12 years old, then a separate buffet for guests of this age group is operating, including a menu of its own. In this dedicated area with small tables during lunch and dinner time, young guests are being assisted by children’s animators
  • Ice cream – during lunch and dinner
  • Certain items are available in the main restaurant for parents of infants and toddlers such as high chairs for nourishing, microwave and blender
  • Hotels provide compliments on birthday of their guests – a specially designed cake
  • Children’s playground
  • Mini-club for children aged between 4 and 12 with an international animation on a daily basis
  • Evening mini-disco and the awarding of memorable diplomas – on a daily basis
  • As well as: a face art for children (with remarkable transformation by virtue of face painting), culinary workshops, pizza-quest, talent show, mini-Olympiad and much more

Novostar Budget Pyramides

Vacation of beauty and health. SPAtherapy

SPA has opened in August 2018. The center is new, elegant, the design managed to intertwine traditional elements as well as modern art. Here, you can visit the extraordinary hammam, made and equipped with all regulations, as well as a classical sauna, which is a rarity in Tunisia. Availability of some massages rooms, including a room for Shiatsu massages, as well as wet procedures and a relaxation zone. All other services of the center are ($)

Novostar Budget Pyramides

Important information

Open Space

The Open Space service (serving clients outdoor) usually in all hotels in Tunisia operates from 01 of June till 30 of September.

Alterations within the list and terms of services provided

Hotels reserve the right prior to the beginning of the season, and even during the season, based on current circumstances, to change the list and terms of services provided, if these changes do not affect the essential conditions for the guests.


Tourist tax

  • According to the new law of the Tunisian Republic from 08.12.217, all Tunisian hotels are obliged during the check in, on arrival date, to charge the guests with the tax.
  • The tax is 3 dinars per night in 4* & 5* stars hotels, 2 dinars per night in 3* stars hotel and 1 dinar per night in 2* stars hotels.
  • The tax only covers the first 7 nights of the stay within the hotel. Tax will not be applied for the rest of the stay. If you are residing at the hotel for less than a week, then you will pay only for the total amount of night spent there.
  • The tax is applicable only for guests aged from 12 and older. If, during the first week of the stay at the hotel, the child has celebrated their 12th birthday, then starting from that day and all the nights left before the end of the week, need to be paid.

Advantages and shortcomings



  • Novostar concept: English-speaking staff, partially adapted cuisine, a separate buffet for children, mini-club with animators, the ability to rent a pram/an electric kettle/baby night pot, a free self-service laundry, delicious Tunisian ice-cream is provided to all the guests at lunch and dinner without restrictions, special congratulations for birthday people and newlyweds, and much more.
  • No language barrier. The hotel employs English-speaking administrators.
  • Hotel room categories: rooms with standard accommodation with maximum capacity of four people, as well as two and three-room suites with maximum capacity of up to six people.
  • For the first time in the hotels of their network Novostar offers a project of a unique mini-club “Novostar Land”, which is a large separated safe zone where children can play, which includes an interactive program “City of professions”.
  • A separate buffet for children. Animators work in the dining area. The animator will help choose a dish, help cut it to pieces, will entertain with a talk and will make sure the child eats a sufficient portion.
  • Active animation for both children and adults. An international animation team.
  • The beach bar serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • The new stylish SPA center with a wonderful traditional hammam.
  • Mini self-service laundry for all English-speaking guests. An unprecedently useful service for families with kids. Free of charge.
  • Loyalty program for regular guests.


  • No water slides.
  • Just like in Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* the hotel has a heterogeneous entrance to the sea: there are patches which are the upper part of stone boulders (the surface is uneven and slippery), some patches have a clear entrance to the sea.
  • No free bottled water. free drinking water is in coolers. Filling bottles is not allowed.
  • The rooms either have a furnished balcony or a terrace, or a big French window without balcony.
  • No safe, mini-bar and a hairdryer in the basic room set. The safe is at the reception, and it’s a paid service.
  • Few sockets in the room. Families who use a lot of gadgets are advised to take a socket extension.
  • Poor wi-fi connection in the lobby-bar and at the reception during prime-time hours, when all guests use the internet simultaneously and actively.
  • A typical of Tunisia lack of sound-proofing in the rooms. In the period from June to September the evening show on the summer stage lasts till 23:00.
  • Matrasses for beach chairs are paid for.
  • The hotel does not provide beach towels in any way, neither free, nor on the deposit, nor on a paid basis.

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