Vacation of beauty and health. Thalassotherapy and SPA-therapy

Ladies, a recommendation from Novostar Hotels: do some investment in yourself – towards your impressions, health and beauty! Come to Tunisia during the non-peak season (April-May, October-November), and even between seasons, without taking into consideration the weather conditions.  The water temperature does not matter, if majority of the time you are planning to spend it at the center. The air, regardless of what the thermometer shows, always contains sea ions, which have a paramount effect on the results of the procedures. Even the rain is not an obstacle – you might take a walk on the indoor terrace of the thalasso center, breath in the sea air, drink some detox-water with apple, cinnamon and anise…

You might want to visit Tunisia by having a precise goal – renewal. We possess a skeptical point of view regarding the possibilities which thalasso therapy can offer in a megalopolis. We deeply believe that it is merely impossible to restore someone’s state, whether physical or mental whilst residing in a megalopolis – even by purchasing a membership in one of the most prestigious gyms or by visiting an outstanding SPA salon. It is ineffective to simultaneously work and attend thalasso therapy courses.

In usual conditions, it is impossible for us to break out of the hustle and bustle, because among the many cases that are tremendously important, which are plunging us into a state of stress, we just would not let go of our smartphones that have access to the internet. Come visit Tunisia and turn off your cellphones. At the beginning, it might be weird and unusual not having a smartphone with you, yet soon enough you will admire and cherish the silence that comes without it. Such a renewal, will allow you to unplug yourself not only from all the negative information, but from all information there is – it’s a rest that our body eagerly strives for.

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Our Thalasso and SPA centers

– Novostar Premium Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*
– Club Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4*

The thalasso centre Bio Azur fairly acquired its reputation of being amongst the most popular centers of thalasso therapy in Tunisia. The main pride of this center is the famous pool Aquatonic with a panoramic sea view and heated sea water, gently transitioning into an open air pool. A pleasant supplement, which comes as a bonus for the visitors, who are enjoying thalasso therapeutic sessions, is a free visit to the hammam, swimming pool Aquatonic, gym and the relaxation area. The center offers an outstanding variety of energy massages with valuable oils. The usage of well-known brands such as Sothys and Gatineau are used for esthetical procedures. In 2018, there was an opening of a smoothie-bar for guests, who are enjoying the Detox course. All services ofthe center are ($)

– Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4*

SPA center Five Senses is amazingly equipment with modern facilities.  The Center offers a whole range of services, which are usually demanded by the guests of spa-center: hammam, classical and specialized massages, water treatments and facials. The most profitable investment, of course, is the purchase of the whole package of procedures. All services of the center ($)

– Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3*
– Club Novostar Omar Khayam 3*

The Spa center Five Senses has re-opened its door in 2017 after undergoing a total renovation. It is a compact and a cozy center that offers more than 10 procedural and massages related rooms, as well as a hammam. It is a unique opportunity for a Tunisian SPA center: you might want to visit it even with your children, considering that among the offers, there is a children’s massage. All services of the center ($)

– Novostar Budget Pyramides Club & Spa 3*

SPA has opened in August 2018.  The center is new, elegant, the design managed to intertwine traditional elements as well as modern art. Here, you can visit the extraordinary hammam, made and equipped with all regulations, as well as a classical sauna, which is a rarity in Tunisia. Availability of some massages rooms, including a room for Shiatsu massages, as well as wet procedures and a relaxation zone. All other services of the center are ($)

Thalasso Bio Azur des hotels du groupe Les Orangers à Hammamet Nord
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If you want to live the next year without worrying about your health, then during your vacation, you should probably consider not only to relax but also to get energized for many months ahead. Hence, we do firmly recommend to include thalasso or SPA procedures in your holiday planning. Thalasso therapy and SPA are being recognized worldwide not only for the satisfaction that it brings along, but mostly for the effective restoring of someone’s health and maintaining youthfulness.

Thalasso and SPA centers offer both separate procedures (a la carte), as well as programs (courses). Mainly, programs allow to achieve a certain goal. Usually, it is composed of 3 to 4 procedures per day and take roughly 2 to 4 hours. The program is being adjusted to each client by a doctor, combining programs that have a maximum effectiveness within a specific case and unequivocally considering the potential contraindications. Moreover, the purchase of a whole package is profitable: procedures by their own cost around 20-30% more. During the purchase, several important bonuses will be proposed to you: hammam, gym, relaxation zone with aromatherapy and herbal teas, as well as a free access to the pool with warm sea water and hydro-massage, only if it is in Thalasso center (SPA centers do not have such pools).



The price for one day depends on how many procedures need to be done within that day and the total amount of days in the program: the longer the course – the cheaper it gets

In Thalasso-centers throughout Tunisia, based on the program and the duration of the course, the cost of 1 day will be:

Classical courses:

80-85 $ / per day

Healing course:

90-95 $ / per day

Beauty and Weight loss:

100-105 $ / per day

In SPA-centers throughout Tunisia, based on the program and the duration of the course, the cost of 1 day will be:

Classical courses:

40-45 $ / per day

Healing course:

50-55 $ / per day

Beauty and Weight loss

70-75 $ / per day

Duration of the course

How many days does it take to start feeling its effect? Based on general recommendations from medical staff and reviews wrote by regular clients of thalasso-centers, we can state that by choosing a classical program, results will start to kick in, not earlier than 4 days after the beginning, courses that are specifically orientated to target a certain goal, results will start to appear 6 days later. A full course lasts as much as 21 days. If we are talking about serious health issues, we do recommend to find and dedicate time for such a course. Yet, if your stay lasts only one to two weeks, there is no need to rush and attempt to complete nearly 10 procedures per day. In cases like these, the quantity does not always assure quality. What indeed matters, are the kind of procedures that are included in the program and how they are interacting with each other.


A wise combination of various natural and physiotherapeutic factors contribute to a higher effectiveness from the procedures by 4 to 5 times. Therefore, it is crucial that the program for each individual is generated by a doctor.
During the first 2-3 sessions, the body is going through an adaption phase, 4-6th sessions provide a solid effect. A full-on reaction occurs after 8 procedures. Thalassotherapy is known for its long lasting effect: the results fully appear after 4-9 months and last up to 18 months. However, it is recommended to take such courses twice a year.