Novostar hotels

Who we are and what Novostar means to us

We – a core part of the Novostar Hotels’ Team – prior to 2013 have prosperously operated within the Tunisian touristic field, by offering ground services for guests from Europe. We deeply admired our work, however we used to face issues, on a daily basis, related to the provision of services and accommodation in the hotels. The results were somewhat disappointing: guests would not come back to Tunisia, regardless of comfortable weather conditions and wonderful sandy beaches, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and alluring historical sightseeing.

We thought this situation is merely unfair neither to the travelers themselves, nor to the country as a whole, in which we inhabit and are profoundly in love with it. Hence, we have decided…to establish a hotel, in which guests would want to eagerly come back. Return, regardless that there are plenty of countries in this world, even more so hotels, that would want to be visited just out of curiosity. We believed it would be possible for it to come true.

Our new project – a small hotel with a base of 179 rooms – within three years starting from 2013 up to 2015 became the leading hotel in sales among the East European Tour Operators and even peaked at the top of independent rating websites such as Trip Advisor and Top Hotels.

Starting from 2016, Novostar Hotels was joined by even more hotels, on a yearly basis. As per today, the chain has acquired as much as 9 hotels, total number of rooms – 2700. All of the hotels are still holding onto the tradition of the chain, which over the years grew into becoming the philosophical service and corporate standard of service. We aim to reach a perfect balance where guests will feel the genuine atmosphere of Tunisia, without being limited by the linguistic barrier, and whilst travelling would not feel like giving up minor everyday habits.

Our efforts were fruitful! Nearly 50% of those who visited Novostar Hotels are coming back to stay at out hotels once again!

We sincerely thank all our guests for entrusting us with their holidays. Even if you are only considering to stay at Novostar Hotels during your vacation – thank you, as just by catching your attention with such a variety of hotels available on the market, is already something to be proud of. We are glad meeting you.