Novostar Hotels

Novostar Hotels Concept

Information Availability

Openness is the credo of our brand. Therefore, you can find the most detailed information about every Novostar hotel on our website, full of the unique text, photo and video content. Moreover, new pictures from our hotels are posted in Novostar Instagram account on a daily basis.
For those who prefer videos to photos, there are about 150 videos on Novostar Hotels Live YouTube channel. It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times, that’s why Novostar production studio works all year round: we do our best not to tell as much as possible, but to show it.

Direct Communication

One of the competitive advantages and main peculiarities of our hotels in comparison with other hotels is the possibility to contact representatives of the brand directly on the official website and social media. We speak your language and usually give same-day replies.
Another useful thing is the opportunity to communicate with the guests who have already been in our hotels or who are staying there now: you can get up-to-date information from service users.

Multilingual Environment & Warm Atmosphere

The guests of our hotels don’t experience difficulties related to the language barrier as Novostar staff speak Russian, English, French, Arabic, and German. Signs, important information and buffet cards in the restaurants are written in several languages to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
The vast majority of guests note a lovely warm atmosphere in our hotels. We really pay special attention while choosing candidates to join our team, there are no random people among us, apart from professional qualities, we are united by a sincere love for our work.

Adapted Cuisine

People who have been to Tunisia several times know that Tunisian chefs always cook with great amount of spices, the main of which is harissa - an exceptionally hot seasoning, the main ingredients of which are red hot peppers and garlic.
In Novostar hotels, the usage of spices is brought under strict control. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy both Mediterranean and adapted national cuisine.

Children’s Buffet

Novostar Hotels feature children’s buffet and a special dining area with little tables. For us it’s not just the issue of the variety of food on the children’s buffet. During a meal, we aim to create a communicative environment. A communal meal and live communication is an important process of socialization.
During the first hour of lunch and dinner children’s animators assist young guests. Animators will help a child to choose a dish, cut it into small pieces, entertain a kid with a conversation and make sure that the child eats a sufficient amount of food.

Self-Service Laundry

The problem of washing your clothes while you’re staying in a hotel – especially for a long time or with children – always exist. Usually travelers face a dilemma: either go on holiday with a huge suitcase to avoid a shortage of clean things, or do the laundry every day in a hotel room.
Novostar offers its own solution to the problem: most our hotels have free self-service laundry, equipped with washing machines and dryers, ironing boards and irons.

Creative Animation

Most of our guests are experienced travelers. Out of respect to them we consider it necessary to go beyond the boundaries of standard animation and offer the guests to experience something new.
In addition to common day and night activities, Novostar Hotels feature a game of Werewolf, children’s, family and adults’ quests, among which the most popular are pizza- and cocktail quests, cooking master-classes for different types of age groups, as well as sports competitions between the hotels of the brand: triathlon, Novostar Cup Football Championship, etc.

Personalized Service

Personalized service is a service tailored to a certain guest. It is provided when there is an understanding that each guest is unique, he/ she has his/her own set of values, level of pretentiousness and idea of an ideal vacation.
Our hotels, without any doubt, have clear standards - norms and rules for the provision of services. At the same time, we take on a difficult task to find an opportunity to go beyond the accepted standards when needed. The priority, of course, is situations when a guest has indications for an individual approach related to health.