Novostar Hotels

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Who we are and what Novostar means to us

People who now make up a core part of the Novostar Hotels team, before 2013 had worked quite successfully in the tourism industry in Tunisia, providing a full range of ground handling services for tourists of one of the major Russian tour operators. We really liked our job, but every day we had to face problems concerning accommodation and quality of service in hotels. As a result, travelers didn’t come back to the country in spite of its mild climate, magnificent white-sandy beaches, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and numerous fascinating historical sites and tourist attractions.

We were sure that it was unfair neither to travelers, nor to the country where we live and that we love so much. So we decided… to open our own hotel where guests would come back to. Come back, though there are a lot of countries in the world and even more hotels to visit and stay at. We believed that it was possible.

For three years from 2013 to 2015 our first project, a small 179-room hotel, was a best-seller of leading Russian tour operators and was a top-rated hotel on the world’s largest travel guidance platforms TripAdvisor and TopHotels.

Since 2016 new hotels have been joining the Novostar Hotels chain, now 6 hotels with 2100 rooms in total, as well as sea view furnished apartments in Sousse, are managed by Novostar. All hotels follow the traditions of the brand carefully as these traditions have become the philosophy of service and a new standard of customer service. We aim to find a perfect balance when guests can enjoy the atmosphere of authentic Tunisia and, at the same time, they don’t face the language barrier and not have to break their daily habits which bring them joys at home.

And we’ve already been rewarded for our efforts! Up to 50% of tourists return to Novostar Hotels!

We sincerely thank all our guests for entrusting your vacation to us. But even if you are just considering spending your holidays at Novostar Hotels, thank you because we’re honored to be your focus of attention while there’s such a variety of choices. Nice to meet you.