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Festival of Colors in Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*

Festival of Colors in Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*

23.05.2021 Bel Azur, Events

In many countries, a traditional Indian festival of Holi has become popular in recent years. And it’s all about fun, brightness and positive emotions that it gives to the participants of the celebration.

Initially, Holi was associated with the beliefs of Indians and glorified Krishna, but now it celebrates the beginning of spring and nature awakening. Another name of the holiday is the Festival of Colors because its key moment is sprinkling each other with colored powders and spices in honor of the arrival of spring. At the same time, the participants wish each other happiness and prosperity, having fun all together.

In Novostar Hotels we also celebrate national holidays because tourists from many countries come to Tunisia. Moreover, Tunisians themselves love festivals very much. Different themed events are held here almost every week. Borrowing the best traditions, we create an atmosphere of joy in our hotels and make guests’ holidays fun-filled and unforgettable. By the way, in case of Holi we decided not to set specific dates, as such kind of fun should be experienced by almost every tourist coming to Novostar Hotels. So, if you’re going to visit Tunisia, you have a great chance to get straight into a riot of colors.

Thus, the guests of Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4* celebrated the Holi festival. The big and beautiful hotel and its guests got rainbow-colored that day. Tourists danced with animators and then sprinkled each other with bright natural powders.

Children loved the festival most of all. In addition to games and activities in the hotel mini club, their leisure time was filled with new emotions that they experienced together with their parents.