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Tunisian Dinner in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*

Tunisian Dinner in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*

27.06.2021 To eat, Vincci Marillia

Novostar adores tasty food! A traditional Tunisian dinner was given in Novostar Vincci Marillia. The hotel staff set the tables right in the open air. The tables were full of various dishes, overwhelmingly delicious smells were in the air, and the guests’ eyes rounded because of the diversity of dishes and their beautiful serving.

Tunisian cuisine is an amazing combination of Arab national dishes featuring lots of spices and European traditions brought here by the French. And, of course, coastal location of the country means the abundance of sea delicacies and fish in the national cuisine. The guests of Novostar Vincci Marillia 4* were able to enjoy all this.

But the menu was not limited to the main dishes: appetizing cocktails, ripe fruits and Tunisian desserts turned a hotel dinner into a food festival. Look at these gastronomic delights in our gallery!