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Breathtaking Adventure by Novostar: Cape Bon Trail Run

Breathtaking Adventure by Novostar: Cape Bon Trail Run

What should spring be like? Let’s make this spring unforgettable! We offer our guests a truly thrilling experience: a spring sports adventure, a unique trail run that will take place on April 21, 2024. An exclusive run is arranged by the hotel Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* and reserved for travelers staying there and in the hotels Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3* and Club Novostar Omar Khayam Resort & Aqua Park 3*.

Two routes with a total length of 10 and 16 kilometers will lead the trail run participants through the pine forest of Cape Bon pierced by the sunlight. Floral flavors, fresh sea breeze and grassy hills with breathtakingly beautiful views of the endless Mediterranean Sea will intensify the joy of the run. The region of Tunisia where the run will take place is well-known as a true natural pearl of North Africa.

Smooth, gentle ascents and fast descents, running through the spring forest and the magnificence of the sea are waiting for tourists of all generations. Such a sports adventure will for sure remain in the memory of travelers for a long time as well as our previous projects. For example, like funny Olympiads with many kinds of sports and activities or like highly competitive football championships for Novostar cup with training sessions and posters, strict referees and pretty cheerleaders. And, of course, the triathlon, our version of the Ironman race with swimming, running, cycling and totally fair awards for the most deserving participants.

We are happy and proud that vacations in Novostar hotels are chosen by special tourists. Those who love adventure from the bottom of their hearts. Those who are not frightened by the atmosphere of true travels. And with great pleasure, we look forward to meeting up with friends again for an exciting spring trail on April 21 in Cape Bon, Tunisia!