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Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood

21.12.2021 To eat

This article is written especially for fish and seafood lovers. What kind of fish lives in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea? What kind of fish can you try in hotels or restaurants in Tunisia? Novostar shares its «travel notes. Should we mention that fish is one of the main dishes of a healthy diet and, at the same time, it is a source of valuable substances and elements for a body?


Thon – Tuna which is a part and parcel of Tunisian dishes. Snacks are usually served with canned tuna. Fresh tuna fillets, like other types of fish, are usually grilled.

Rouget – Red Mullet or Surmullet is a little fish with a bright heterogeneous color. It is very rich in useful vitamins and micro-elements.

Espadon – Swordfish whose average weight is about 400 kg. While trying it for the first time, flavors explode in your mouth and you can mix this kind of fish up with meat.

Dorade – Gilt-head Bream is a delicacy that, among other things, contains just a few bones.

Loup de mer – Sea Bass or Sea Wolf, like gilt-head bream, it has minimum bones and brings enormous pleasure of taste.

As well as:
Merou – Sebastes.
Merlang – Whiting or Merling.
Sardine – Sardine or Pilchard. Tunisia gives you the opportunity to try this kind of fish not in a commonly-known canned form, but fried. And it is no less delicious!

Let’s reveal a little secret of fish cooking: it is not customary to freeze fish, usually it is entirely grilled and seasoned with cumin.


Calamar, Poulpe – Squid and Octopus – they are often found in dishes of national cuisine, coupled with couscous, pasta, or rice. Here the most important thing is to cook properly and clearly observe the cooking time so that you don’t have to chew rubber octopuses later.

Langouste – Spiny Lobster – crustaceans, superficially similar to lobsters, it is a low-calorie delicacy.

Crevette – Shrimps – big and small but always tasty. The largest shrimp that we’ve ever seen was the size of a medium-sized palm. By the way, skillful Tunisian chefs prefer grilling shrimps to boiling them, which makes the dish even more fragrant.

The prices of fish and seafood vary depending on the season and even weather conditions. Experienced fishermen will confirm that the amount of catch is influenced by many factors, one of which is natural phenomena.

P.S. Anticipating your question “Which of these kinds of fish will we be able to try in the hotel?” we reply: the opportunity to enjoy eating fish will be in all Novostar Hotels!

Bon appétit!