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Three Main Dishes for Eid al-Adha


Having decided to introduce you to the culinary traditions of the main holiday celebrated in Islam – Eid al-Adha – More…

Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*: Tasty Hospitality


What is hospitality in a hotel? It is warm smiles of the staff and animators, neat and tidy halls, comfortable More…

The Birthday of Novostar Hotels in Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4*!


The guests of Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4* joined in the celebration of Novostar Hotels’ birthday. Jolly mood More…

Fish and seafood


This article is written especially for fish and seafood lovers. What kind of fish lives in the depths of the More…

Fresh fruits in Tunisia


In Tunisia fresh fruits can be easily bought at markets, in small shops, and directly from farmers selling their harvest More…

Tunisian Dinner in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*


Novostar adores tasty food! A traditional Tunisian dinner was given in Novostar Vincci Marillia. The hotel staff set the tables More…

A Sweet Tooth’s Paradise


Everyone who tries Tunisian sweets and pastry wants to take them back home as a souvenir in a large amount. More…

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