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A Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

A Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

10.06.2021 To eat

Everyone who tries Tunisian sweets and pastry wants to take them back home as a souvenir in a large amount. The traditions of cooking are more than a thousand years old, they have absorbed the best from Tunisian cooks and ordinary housewives who made cookies, halva and pastries for their families.

When you see a table with desserts, your eyes widen. The enormous variety of shapes, tastes and colors make your mouth water and you absolutely don’t know what to choose first. Sweets and pastry are made of nuts, honey, semolina, dates, figs, and they live up their name as they are very sweet, light and literally melt in your mouth.

Makroudh is a traditional Tunisian cookie, it’s considered to be originated from Tunisia and now it is popular in many Arab countries. These semolina cookies have a diamond shape and are filled with dates or figs paste with nuts. Sugary and tender, they can be found on almost every buffet but they get finished very quickly. Makroudh is too tasty to limit yourself with just one or two cookies.

Slightly greasy, soft sesame halva, Tunisian shortbread cookies, spicy donuts in the form of spirals, sweet samsa, and traditional baklava — do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying everything. Complement the sweets with Tunisian mint tea, and it will be difficult to express your pleasure in words.

Here, for example, is the assortment of traditional sweets from Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*: