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Skillful Hands in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*

Skillful Hands in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*

16.09.2021 Archive, Events

Children always have fun and spend a great time in Novostar Hotels because children’s animation is our trademark! That time a handiwork mater-class was hold in Novostar Vincci Marillia 4*. It was a great scope for creativity and imagination.

Young tourists made color paper applications. What was the theme? The children were on vacation by the seaside, so the main topic was summer, of course. Umbrellas and ice cream, fish and flower compositions. But autumn red leaves somehow were found among the handiworks as well. Maybe the kids anticipated that at home they would see bright autumn colors?

But still here in Novostar we enjoy the “velvet” season and think about non-banal leisure activities for the guests. Children are always in focus of our special attention. Mini clubs, children’s quests and master-classes, children’s buffet and qualified children’s animators. Everything is done to make their vacation fun-filled and memorable, but calm and relaxing for their parents!