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3D Museum in Sousse

3D Museum in Sousse

16.05.2021 Sousse, Tourist attractions

Sousse is rich not only in antiquities, there is also enough modern entertainment. One of these is the 3D Museum, located near the medina. It was built relatively recently, in 2017, and it is the only one in Tunisia and one of the largest in the world.

What is 3D and what does a museum have to do with it?

3D is a three-dimensional image. Certainly most of you have already heard about 3D printers, 3D modeling, and even 3D sound. But, in any case, the meaning is the same: it is an opportunity to transfer an image onto a 3D surface, to make it “alive”, real. Neither architects, engineers, nor designers can do without such visualization now. Also technologies become a part of the entertainment world, ad, as a result, such 3D museums are being opened.

The 3D museum creates a kind of virtual reality for visitors. Plane, two-dimensional objects become tree-dimensional with the help of modern technologies, most often just with the help of our mobile phones. We download a simple app and when we point the camera at the pictures, they transform: they become three-dimensional, start moving and interact with us.

A visitor can become a character of three-dimensional pictures. Just a moment, and it seems that you’re standing in the middle of the savannah, talking to rock stars or cuddling wild animals. This is similar to the optical illusions created by artists of the past — they were called trompe-l’œil in French and had been popular almost since antiquity. The experience of the past and modern technologies are combined in an unusual and colorful 3D museum in Sousse.

What to do at the 3D Museum in Sousse?

The 3D Museum is located next to the Soula shopping center and occupies 4 floors. It will be interesting for both, adults and children. The young visitors will be absolutely delighted, so when traveling with children, this place definitely must be visited.

For children this museum of optical illusions will become the museum of magic and miracles, where they will be able to become a part of history, play with wild animals, get scared, have fun, and get new experience.

120 images of completely different themes were displayed on the 4 floors of the museum. Those who are interested in fauna can visit the North Pole and feed polar bears or get to know chimpanzees in the African jungle. A trip through the African savannah will be unforgettable, look more carefully around, but beware of elephants: they are not as harmless as they seem!

And if you are interested in antiquities, explore the Egyptian pyramids, but be careful: they conceal not only riddles, but also scary monsters.

You can also experience time travel by riding a chariot along the ancient Roman hippodrome or by joining Tunisian beauties performing national dances.

If you prefer modern impressions, then do not hesitate to walk along the Red carpet of the Oscar ceremony, just do not be blinded by the spotlight. You can even participate in the filming and fight with Jackie Chan.

The first President of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba, will greet you in one of the rooms. You can take a memorable photo with a handshake in the office of the national hero of Tunisia.

Thrill-seekers can go along the edge of the abyss or swim on a raft in the shark-infested ocean. You can even go into space by trying on a spacesuit, and it will be interesting for children to have tea with the Mad Hatter and other characters of Alice in Wonderland or climb bamboo with a Kung Fu Panda.

And this is only a part of the entertainment that the 3D Museum in Sousse offers! And if photo and video shooting is often prohibited in ordinary museums, then in this museum it is not just recommended, but mandatory! There are even assistants in the halls who tell you what kind of photo to take and what is the best way to pose.

Rules and tickets

The main rule when visiting the museum: you need to take off your shoes. Visitors are given disposable socks made of dense, high-quality material. You will walk around the museum wearing them. Don’t worry: it’s comfortable and warm. And despite the fact that the entrance and exit of the museum are in different places, at the exit you will get your personal items intact, packed in individual bags.

In the era of fighting against the coronavirus infection, you can visit the museum, according to the rules of the Sanitary Protocol in force in the country, only as part of an organized group, that is, with your Tour Operator as part of an excursion.

On the roof of the museum there is a cafe with a beautiful view of the city and affordable prices. It will be the perfect end to this amazing journey.

We advise you not to ignore the 3D museum. After all, you will not take such photos anywhere else. They will remain as a souvenir and will bring you joy after the vacation.