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“Velvet” Season in Tunisia : Travelling for Health


A difficult question: when is a perfect time to go to Tunisia if you want to have a holiday in More…

Baths of Antoninus in Carthage


Visiting historical sites, even ruins, can give an idea not only of the scale of the city that once was More…

Bardo National Museum in Tunis: the Keeper of the History of Civilizations


Before arriving in Tunisia, tourists often do not know about such a museum, but after the visit they boldly say: More…

El Jem: Roman Grandeur in the Middle of the Desert


Brands matter even in tourism. Thousands of travelers dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or the Egyptian Pyramids, More…

Byrsa Hill: the Cradle of the Carthaginian Civilization


Probably almost every famous city has a legendary, sacred place — the place where it was founded, which is associated More…

Monastir: Vacation in the Homeland of the First President of Tunisia


Monastir is the administrative center of the wilayah of the same name and a fishing port located on a peninsula More…

3D Museum in Sousse


Sousse is rich not only in antiquities, there is also enough modern entertainment. One of these is the 3D Museum, More…

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