Novostar Hotels

Early check-in in Novostar Hotels

Novostar Hotels do not provide such a paid option as early check-in. The hotel provides this service free of charge if the following three conditions are met:

  1. The hotel must have available rooms.
  2. The hotel must have available rooms of the right category.
  3. Available rooms of the required category must be prepared and clean.

If these three conditions are met at the same time, Novostar Hotels will provide early check-in service for free.

It is not necessary to make an official payment – as already mentioned above, there is no early check-in rate at the hotel. There is no need of offering monetary incentives to the reception staff. If the hotel has the opportunity, the room will be provided without payment, if the hotel does not have the opportunity– the room will not be provided, despite the «motivation». Dear friends, please do not provoke Novostar Hotels’ staff to take illegal actions – people may lose their jobs.

More detailed. Let’s consider all the possible nuances:

  • «The hotel must have available rooms of the right category» – what does it mean? It means that if you are waiting for being accommodated to a Standard room according to your voucher but only Sea View and Family Rooms are available in the hotel, the hotel will not provide early check-in.
  • «Available rooms of the required category must be prepared and clean» – what does this mean? At the time of your arrival there may be available rooms of the desired category at the hotel, such a room will be provided if the room is prepared (cleaned). If the departure from the room took place at night and the room is not prepared, the hotel will not provide early check-in service. In Novostar Hotels, as well as in no other Tunisian hotels, there is no night shift of maids who would prepare rooms in the 24/24 format.
  • If early in the morning a group of guests in the amount of 20 rooms have arrived to the hotel, while in fact the hotel has only 15 free prepared (cleaned) rooms of the desired categories – what will be the actions of the hotel? First of all, the hotel will accommodate families with infants and young children, then aged tourists and tourists with special needs, then families with high school children, etc. Some of the guests will have to wait for check-in until the official time — until 15:00.

In case of an early flight, you need to book the hotel from a day before to get accommodated right upon the arrival to the hotel.