Novostar Hotels

Is there a children’s buffet in Novostar Hotels?

The following rules are established in Novostar hotels:

  • If there are less than 40 children of 4-12 years old in the hotel, children’s menu is presented on adults’ buffet;
  • If there are more than 40 children of 4-12 years old in the hotel, children’s buffet* with a special menu is provided.

If there is children’s buffet in the restaurant, it is available during the first hour of lunch and dinner.

* The availability, order and format of the service is described on the page of every hotel.

All Novostar hotels stick to the following rules:

  • Children’s animator assists the young guests during lunch (the first hour of the service – from 12.30 to 13.30) and dinner (the first hour of the service – from 19.00 to 20.00) in a special dining area equipped with little tables. The animator will help a child to choose a dish, cut it into small pieces, entertain a young guest with a conversation and make sure that the child eats a sufficient amount of food.
  • You can leave your child with the animator only if he/she knows how to eat by him/herself. If the child needs to be fed, we invite parents to stay in the children’s area with the child.
  • Please, before leaving the child to the care of the animator, go with him/her to the toilet room. The animator objectively does not have the opportunity to accompany every child during the meal.
  • During a meal, we aim to create a communicative environment. A communal meal and live communication are an important process of socialization. We kindly ask parents, if your baby eats in the children’s area, not to use gadgets – not to watch cartoons — even if you and your baby occupy a separate table in the children’s area. Other children, predictably, are distracted by a working gadget and run wild. You can use any gadgets in order to interest / pacify your child, if your baby eats with you in the main room of the restaurant, not in the children’s area.