Novostar Hotels

Sanitary and hygienic conditions. Insects control

According to Novostar standards, all premises related to the catering (including, but not limited to: bars, snack stations, restaurants, kitchen, office premises, food warehouse, refrigerators) strictly comply with sanitary and hygienic standards. All rooms are regularly treated with special insect repellents, including the preventive one. During the seasons of activity of certain insects, counteraction measures are intensified. The need for additional treatment is determined by the actual situation at the hotel, and not by a planned schedule.

Insecticidal lamps are installed in the hotel – in the kitchen and in the restaurant – to get rid of unwanted insects, and mosquito nets are installed on the windows in the kitchen.

Novostar hotels regularly carry out disinsection with the involvement of specialists to treat the open areas of hotels with cold smoke and chemical solutions that are safe for humans.

In the season of the appearance of a large number of flies, rooms related to the catering are treated between meals with the use of special insect sprays.