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The Festival in El Jem: Something that Can’t Be Described

The Festival in El Jem: Something that Can’t Be Described

04.10.2022 Events

We continue posting article series on holidays in Tunisia written by a travel & tourism professional who has visited the country a thousand times due to her work. The author is one of the employees in the International group of companies Carthage Group that has been providing full ground handling services for companies and tourists in Tunisia, the UAE, Egypt and Tanzania for many years. What has she seen in familiar places as a tourist?

It’s hardly possible to really impress a person who knows literally everything about events which are popular with travelers. Or is it not like that? Learn about the concerts held during the International Festival of Symphonic Music in El Jem.

Music under the Fantastic Full Moon

This year after a two-year break a truly wonderful music event – the International Festival of Symphonic Music – is back! The venue of the festival is the ancient Roman amphitheater which is the third among the largest ones in the world. The unique acoustic features of the place make the live sound really exceptional, so the unforgettable experience is guaranteed for the visitors.

The 35th International Festival of Symphonic Music was held in El Jem from 12 July to 13 August. Firstly, I was lucky just to get there. Secondly, I attended the concert during which arias from operas of world-known Italian composers were performed. And thirdly, throughout the concert, the full moon of incredible, fantastic beauty was shining over the arena…

To be honest, I’m just not able to describe all my feelings and emotions that I had there. I can only share some photos and videos and hope that they can convey at least a bit of that transcendent experience.

The Ancient Amphitheater Here and Now!

However, this is what I can’t help but share with you: I’ve been to the amphitheater in El Jem many times, I’ve gone up the stairs, sat on the stands, taken photos and given tours. This majestic Tunisian Colosseum has always been for me a monument of a bygone era, a place where crowded events took place in ancient times. But at the “Italian concert”, I managed to feel the amphitheater here and now, at the same point of space and time.

The concerts started at 10 pm under the starry southern sky. In spite of the fact that El Jem is located quite far from resort towns − it takes about two or two and a half hours to get there − all the seats were occupied. And it was really predictable as such a festival is a significant cultural event not in North Africa only, but in the whole world.

I sincerely wish you to come to Tunisia next summer to attend the festival! The Carthage Group team will be happy to help everyone who wants to buy tickets and get from the hotel to El Jem and back. Believe me, this trip to the world of music and beauty will be a truly unforgettable experience.

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